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My work is the journey of the unknown subconscious mind applied to the canvas. I find myself lost in the work through the process of escapism, not paying attention to time or even my surroundings. The pleasure, conflict, and fear of what I will discover about myself fuels me to evolve. I must discover more. I see the work as a window into nothing and everything. I am able to destroy the work and still make it precious. But above all else, the work must reveal beauty and darkness of the soul. 


Through the development of specific technique, manipulating the paint through glazing and sanding and using contrasting colors and different surface textures, I create the chaotic but controlled atmosphere of dreams and memories. The sensual and organic spaces evoke these powerful messages. Currently, these messages have revealed illusory images of faces and figures that I’m bringing to the surface. 


The nature of the work is always an instinctual process that is intimate and personal, which is evident in the time and labor that constitutes the artistic process. 


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”

Herman Melville



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